• MyFitnessPal Redesign

    As the first designer at MyFitnessPal, I redesigned a whole product family for iOS and Android phone/tablets the two years I was there. Creating a consistent visual and UI design system, while respecting each platform and prepping for localization of 10 languages. While still designing for iOS6, managed the updating of all UI elements to iOS7 including introducing a new navigation system. Touched and reduced the original 144 screens in the app. All efforts resulted in the modernization and intuitiveness of the app, reducing parity between platforms and a significant reduction of support team inquiries.


    When I joined MFP, there were close to 30 million users. During my time there, registered users grew to over 70 million. The designs I created helped MyFitnessPal get featured for the first time by Apple for both iPhone and iPad apps for 2013 and then again for 2014. We also became a pre-install app for Windows and featured in Windows commercials in 2013-2014.


    Below are a few screens showing what the app looked like before I started work and then the after screens showing the redesign. Main photo on landing screens was created by me. I set up a photo shoot, styled the food, and took the photos. 2012-2014

    Role: Principal Product Designer

  • MyFitnessPal Samsung Gear

    Designed MyFitnessPal app for Samsung Gear Watch 1.0, 2013.

    Role: Product Designer

  • Seamless

    Kindle Fire B2B app for Seamless partner restaurants. Before the start of working on this project, restaurant partners received orders through a fax machine and communication with the customer was slow and manual. With the launch of this app, restaurant partners can manage incoming Seamless orders, communicate order status and update delivery estimates to customers seamlessly. 2012

    Role: Product Designer

  • Android Widget

    Widget designed for the MyFitnessPal Android mobile app. 2013

    Role: Product Designer

  • Thermostat App

    A mobile application that allows users to control their wireless thermostats from anywhere. Supports iOS3+ and Android 2.2+. Launched in 2011.

    Role: Visual Design Lead

    Delivered: Layout, typography, colors, buttons, icon set (10+ icons), and specs

  • Thermostat Connect

    Setup process to help users connect their wireless thermostats to the Mercury thermostat platform via iPhone. Completed in 2011 for EnergyHub.

    Delivered: Layout, typography, colors, buttons, icon set (8+ icons), and specs.

    Role: Product Designer

  • Bloomberg iPhone App 1.0

    Designed visuals for Bloomberg iPhone App 1.0. Reached over 1 million downloads within three months of launch. Launched in 2008.

    Role: Mobile Design Lead

    Delivered: Screen layouts, typography, colors, buttons, icon set (50+ icons), and style guide.

  • Bloomberg Blackberry App 1.0

    Adapted Bloomberg iOS app graphic user interface to BlackBerry OS. Available from Blackberry App World. Launched in 2009.

    Role: Mobile Design Lead

    Delivered: Layout, typography, colors, buttons, icon set (50+ icons), and style guide

  • Bloomberg Professional Blackberry App 2.0

    This version of the graphic user interface emphasizes a command-line (‘Quick Search’) that mirrors the Bloomberg Terminal. Users also have access to their favorite “commands” on the Bloomberg Terminal, by saving them below the ‘Quick Search’ input field. Launched in 2009.

    Role: Mobile Design Lead

    Delivered: Layout, typography, colors, buttons, icon set (30+ icons) and style guide

  • Bloomberg Professional App Blackberry 1.0

    My first mobile project. Redesigned GUI for the Bloomberg Professional App for the BlackBerry. Also, adapted for Symbian and Windows OS. Launched in 2007.

    Role: Mobile Design Lead

    Delivered: Layout, typography, colors, buttons, icon set (30+ icons) and specs

  • MyFitnessPal

    Redesign of MyFitnessPal’s landing page. Because the old landing page performed well with users, this was more of an edited down version of the old site with updated visual design. I put together a photo shoot in my home and took the main landing screen photo. Scroll to bottom to see the before.

    Role: Product Designer

  • Scoot

    Visual design of Scoot Networks company site. Launched September 2012.

    Role: Designer

  • EnergyHub Login flow

    Designed flow, error states, and visual design for web portal login screens. 2009

    Role: Designer

    Delivered: Design and production ready psds

  • WiFi Thermostat

    Brochure site designed for an EnergyHub partner. 2012

    Role: Designer

    Delivered: Research, layout, production ready psds.

  • EnergyHub

    Updated Energyhub website. 2012

    Role: Designer

  • Thermostat Web App

    A web application with a dashboard that helps users control their wireless thermostats remotely via smartphone, tablet, and computer. Launched in 2011.

    Role: Art Direction & Visual Design

  • Bloomberg Anywhere Sign In

    Collaborated with developers to redesign sign-in flow with the goal of reducing friction. Resulted in reduction of client calls to Support. Launched in 2008.

    Role: Interaction & Visual Design

    Delivered: Designs, production ready art, and performed Visual QA